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Fox Terriers are very intelligent, and learn quickly through the use of positive reinforcement.  Many people have been successful using “clicker” training with their fox terriers.  Whatever training method you choose, be certain to only reward good behaviors and ignore bad ones.  Envision an adult dog doing the same thing you think is cute as a puppy.  If it’s not cute from an adult, DON’T reward and encourage it in a puppy!

One of the most useful tools for raising and housebreaking a puppy is a crate/kennel.  It can save hundreds of dollars in damage to your home and provides the puppy/adult a safe place to sleep and escape.  It’s important for puppies and dogs to have a “den” of their own.  Since they are portable, they can also be used to keep your puppy and adult dog safe when you travel.

We think the following crate training suggestions are very good, and provide them to all families purchasing a puppy.  http://www.inch.com/~dogs/cratetraining.html.  We also provide their housebreaking instructions at Inch.com

Another very important training tool for your puppy is a schedule.  Not just for feeding, but for sleep time, play time, and training time.  See “Feeding Your Fox Terrier” for additional information on feeding.  *page is under review/changes*

From a very early age your new puppy needs to be shown on a regular basis you are “alpha” in the household pack.  When there is no clear pack leader in your home, the puppy will be confused and may exhibit inappropriate behaviors in an attempt to learn his place.  See Taming the Dominant Dog at


All Halcar Smooth Fox Terriers are temperament tested at the age of seven weeks using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test.  We try to place the right puppy in the right home based on each individual puppy’s test results.  If you’re purchasing a puppy from us, please be sure to ask to see the results of the test.