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Pastel portraits by Barb Sterling.

Barb did these awesome portraits

of Puzzle and Seamus.

The American Kennel Club's Home Page

The American Fox Terrier Club is the national breed club for the Fox Terrier. Founded in 1884, it's the oldest dog breed club in the United States other than the AKC

INFO Dog is a site to check out show results, up coming shows and entry info.  It's put out by MB-F Dog Shows,  a dog show manager who handles equipment, catalogs, entries and other things needed to put on a show.  MB-F is just one of many through out the U.S.

Motor Cities Fox Terrier Club is located in Michigan

Learn more about raw feeding your pets

Raw diet information from a vet..... PDF File

Our dogs eat a raw diet and our puppies are raised on it as well.

Vet information web site


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